Blaineley vs. Mick'y Mc.Toy
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First Season 2 Episode 2
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BIO: Blaineley returns to make amends to finish Bridgette off, but when Mick'y Mc.Toy hears this, he does what he can to defend both Geoff and Bridgette, leading to a HUGE battle between Blaineley and Mick'y.

Episode (Contains Spoilers)Edit

After Bridgette and Geoff do an announcment on their "news station" at school, Blaineley comes in the school and finds out Bridgette and Geoff go to the same school she does. After finding this out, Blaineley plains to put whole revenge on Bridgette, but what she DOESN'T realise is Mick'y Mc.Toy. Meanwhile, Anex and Gus try to help Kidd "adapt" to the school enviorment.

Blaineley then finds Bridgette and yet, kidnaps her. and just like that, Blaineley takes over the news AND the school. Geoff realises Blaineley and demands to know where Bridgette is, but she uses a poison to make Geoff think Blaineley is his girlfriend.  Mick'y Mc.Toy then sees the odd changes, and tries to find Bridgette, which he does find her, in the janitor's closet. Mick'y then pursuts to untie Bridgette, and Blaineley finds him doing so, and when she is about to hit him in the head, Mick'y is warned by Bridgette and he dodges the assault. Mick'y then sees Blaineley as she tries to take Bridgette away, but Mick'y bites her arm, making her angry.

Blaineley calls in football guys (including Lightning) to beat Mick'y up, but while Bridgette was able to escape, Mick'y didn't. Mick'y was taken hostage by Blaineley as he was put in her limo. Bridgette finds Geoff, but he doesn't remember who she is, but once she found the poison, she figured out preety quickly what was going on. Mick'y escapes and declares war on Blaineley. While on the afternoon anouncments, Blaineley is fearsly attacked by Mick'y on screen, as no one in the school knows whats going on. In the end of the fight, Thomas and the other United characters come to see what was going on, and see Mick'y defeated Blaineley.

After being sent to the office, Mr. Mambu was plaining to expel Mick'y for his actions, but the Young United characters as well as the whole school suported Mick'y, and by debate, Mr. Mambu just gave him a warning instead, but Blaineley was expeled for her actions. Before leaving, Blaineley clamed that she hated Mick'y more than Bridgette, leading to her being escorted by the police. Geoff was taken to the nurse to cure the poison that was injected in Geoff; and after that, Bridgette kissed Mick'y on the cheek as a simple thank you, (making Geoff laugh a little) resulting in Mick'y claming he was kissed by "his favorite celeberty". Bridgette and Geoff get back together and on the next announcement, they reveal Mick'y as their co-co-host.

Blaineley is shown at the end with an evil smerk revealing she's gonna strike back, somehow.