Young United Star Wars Parody: Space Squares is a special premere/parody of Star Wars, Spaceballs, Star Trek, TRON, and Doctor Who. (Protraied by the Young United crew).

There are going to be three parts to this special

  1. The Space Stuff Strikes Back (and it ain't fun)
  2. The Wrath of Something from the Dark Side Strikes Back
  3. It's a Trap!!! Quick! To the TARDIS!!

Potraied charactersEdit

Luke Skywalker- Gus Ying

Princess Leia- Bridgette

Han Solo- Geoff

Dug- Cole Prier

Obi-Wan Kanobi- Thomas Chumbley

R.O.B.- R.O.B. (NES Robot)

Dark Wader- Mick'y Mc.Toy

Dr. Knowthat- Nick

Amy- Dawn

Captain Jerk- William Austin

Stock- Wade

Booba Hett- TBA

Cyber Girl- Gwen