Some attributes
First Friends: Gwen, Cameron,
Second Relationship: Mike
Third Enemies: Mal,
Other attributes
Fourth Weapon: Plasma Gun(Form A)
Zoey is very cheerful, and also called "The Indie Chick", Zoey is first shown in Episode 4.

The start of something very,very,very,very,very,newEdit

Along with Gwen, Mike, and Cameron as lost at sea due to Total Drama All Stars and lands at the beach. She, Zoey, and Mike are taken to the Police Station to see if they can contact their parents. During the time, Anex spots the group only to see that Cameron is missing. Gwen, Zoey, and Mike are taken to the UNITED CORPS for treatment, Gwen then mentions that Cameron is missing, and the Young United have to find Cameron before the FORCE do.